The one thing that sets us all apart is the unique perspective we have on the world in which we live.  Dualism embraced, Redlands Therapy is the best representation I can give to you on my perspective of the world.  The term “Redlands” represents the southwest; specifically the wingate sandstone that defines the 4-corners region where I have spent most of my life thusfar, as well as the unincorporated community which I currently call home.  “Therapy” represents the graduate level education I have obtained and the field in which I practice, which I also have a unique perspective on due to being what is defined as a “nontraditional student.” 

              Dualism is one of those terms that sounds nerdy and hipster, but when truly considered represents so much of what it is to be alive.  The influence of Eastern philosophy in my life really comes into play with this one, as this idea of “balance between extremes” can be used to explain so much.  Dialectics is a term that is not common language, however it very well should be.  I could explain it to you in the way that I understand it, however the summary I would give this concept would be inadequate.  The idea of dialectics really demands the respect of a dedicated study.  I encourage you to look into the concept of dialectics on your own to really begin to understand the concept and how it applies to our daily lives and functioning.

              I will tell you that in my original conceptualization, Redlands Therapy is a dialectical term that merges the abstract with the tangible; a term that creates a bridge between matter and energy.  Please bear with me as I attempt to explain this concept:  Very close to me, the state of Utah has the “Mighty 5.”  The Mighty 5 is a collection of National Parks which encompasses various manifestations of the geology of the region through various prominent formations.  Even in my current home of Grand Junction, the federal government has recognized the uniqueness of the area and created the Colorado National Monument.  To me, the most prominent feature of all of these formations is Wingate Sandstone.  Its deep red hue imparts a unique memorial to anyone fortunate enough to gaze upon its beauty.  It is the defining feature of this area, hence the term “Redlands.” 

In popular culture, 2 landscapes are often equated with spirituality:  high mountains and deserts.  Spiritual journeys are often described within the context of someone venturing out into the wilderness of one of these environments to consult some higher power.  While I value both ecosystems equally, having the privilege of being born and raised in New Mexico and growing up in Colorado helps me appreciate the unique impression that each of these landscapes impart upon those of us privileged enough to witness their grandeur.  Grand Junction is often described as: “where the desert meets the mountains,” thus it is perfectly appropriate for me to incorporate such a landscape into the current manifestation of our search for a higher meaning in our lives.  Through my limited tourist exposure, there is definitely a different culture that has evolved in this area compared to other areas of the world.  As an adherent to the idea of determinism, I realize the impact that my environment has had on the development of my personality.  As such, Redlands Therapy is the most accurate descriptor I can find for the unique perspective I bring to the world, as well as to my clients.

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